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Relight the fire: how to fall back in love with your partner

Relight the fire: how to fall back in love with your partner

I t is not uncommon, says Ammanda Major, head of clinical practice at Relate, for couples who come to therapy to say they love each other but that they're not “in love” with each other. “Often in a longer-term relationship, the humdrumness of life has taken over their relationship,” she says. “And so, before you know it, people are feeling very disconnected from their partner.”

Maybe you have lost sight of what made you fall in love, or you have reached a cosy stage of companionship that lacks fire. But is it unrealistic to expect to be in love with the same person for decades? “Love, intimacy and sex does fluctuate across the lifetime and there will be stages of closeness,” says Kate Moyle, sexual and relationship psychotherapist. “I think what's unrealistic is to expect consistency.”

But if you feel your relationship is drifting, don't bank on it being only temporary. “It won't change unless it is actively being changed aplicativos de namoro suecos by those involved,” says Moyle. “I hear a lot of: ‘I just thought things would sort themselves out' and we know that isn't true.” So, is it possible to reconnect with your partner, and if so, how can you do it? (altro…)

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